iDJ Now is one of the leading websites in Professional Audio Lighting and DJ equipment sales they started with Valley Wide Websites (a Z2 Media subsidary) in 1996 with zero market share of the professional audio/lighting online industry. They needed a way to introduce new customers to the value of their company, iDJnow is now a major player in the industry.
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Custom Database

eCommerce Solutions

The core of any eCommerce site is its database. Databases allow programmers to serve large amounts of information, organize that information in a variety of formats, and allow users to quickly and easily find that information. Proper utilization, careful planning and detailed project outlines are essential when it comes to the function and success of a potential eCommerce website.

Valley Wide has extensive experience when it comes to building eCommerce websites. We guarantee that any eCommerce site built by our company will result in increased profits for your business, and a more satisfying shopping experience for your customer.

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