utilizes many aspects of programming and coding including many ajax panels that allow uses toy update and save their information with out reloading the page. This markup was used in order to make the site, not only user friendly but also viewable across multiple browsers and devices. Players can now update their stats from anywhere!
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Database Development

Even though Ajax is fairly new to websites Valley Wide's programming team has a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding this and other new web-based technologies, allowing us to enhance your online presence. These client-side methods are used to enhance your web application or website with the combined use of HTML, CSS and Javascript. These additiona will allow not only user but also the manager of the content the ability to interact with the site and information on the page.

Ajax integration means a more efficient and productive web presence. A more user-friendly experience for your customer, and cross browser/ device capabilities, helps produce better results for your business by increasing contact, sales leads, product sales, and the rate of inquiries.

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