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Website Questions

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the terminology used throughout this site. We have broken down the FAQ's into different sections to make it easier to find the answer you're looking for. If by chance, there is a question that you have that's not here feel free to contact us.

General Website Questions

What does a site cost?
    Site design is a one-time cost that will pay back almost immediately. The cost of your particular site will depend on many factors, such as:
  • Original graphics and images
  • Amount of pages
  • Pictures
  • Content (text)
  • Navigation Elements
  • Product input
  • Database Integration

Valley Wide Websites has always been a leader in the web-design field by offering affordable pricing levels depending on the individual needs of a client. The actual cost of your site is mainly based on the amount of work that your particular site will need. Be assured that we are committed to producing a top quality site at a reasonable price. Be aware of "So-Called" experts that have never produced a site that their customers can be proud of or "Cost-Cutter" sites that are merely templates of other sites. Originality, Professionalism, Customer Service and Competitive Pricing are Valley Wides's trademarks. This is what makes Valley Wide Websites the best web design company in Phoenix.

Are there any long-term costs?

The only long-term cost that is involved with your site is the server fees to keep your site running at optimal performance. These fees vary depending on the content and size of the site. Server fees start at about $19.95 per month (less than a dollar a day) and up. Valley Wide Websites is aware of inferior servers that charge less, but our contention is that a site that is not seen, is not a good site. No matter how well it looks.

There are many factors involved with selecting a good server. Bandwidth issues, e-mail issues, down time, speed, reliability and customer service. We believe that a quality server(s) is invaluable to your business. There is nothing worse than your site being "down" and nobody to help you. All of Valley Wide Websites' customers understand that selecting a server solely based on price could be the worst decision you ever make. Just compare "apples to apples".

What does a domain name cost?

A domain name costs only $70.00 for the first 2 years. It is $35.00 per year after that.

Cost vs. Exposure.

The cost of advertising on the internet is less expensive than advertising in your local newspaper with a limited circulation. The exposure you can achieve by having a website you can be proud of, is unlimited. Millions of people surf and shop on the web daily. Evidence of the impact the web has had can be seen by just watching television commercials and taking notice to the web address. It's almost unfair to judge the cost of print advertising versus the internet.

How much do updates cost?

Valley Wide Websites will explain in detail, how much updates to your site will cost in advance. There are no surprises with us. Updates are usually a minimal cost because all the initial site design has already been done.

Internet Questions

How does the internet work?

The internet is an open environment that allows you to transfer information around the world in seconds by storing your files on a server. Anyone who has internet access can view your page for free. You have to access the internet through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as America Online, CompuServe, AT&T, Optimum Online etc.. If you have an ISP, you have immediate access to the internet. You pay the ISP a monthly charge but there is no charge to access the internet or any sites.

How many customers can I attract?

There are over 200 million users on the internet (with millions more coming online each day). With the constant decreasing of prices on the Personal Computer market, and ease of obtaining a smart phone such as a DROID or iPhone, more and more people are signing up for internet service everyday. People use the internet for research, entertainment, gaming purposes and of course; BUYING & SELLING. Now, more and more people are starting to see the benefits of shopping and researching businesses online. Depending on your needs, Valley Wide Websites can set up a marketing strategy that will "Target" who you want to view your site. If you only repair cars locally in Arizona or California, you don't need to have people from Wisconsin viewing your page. You want and need local people finding your site.

Why advertise on the internet?

The fact of the matter is that the internet is the most inexpensive way to advertise. Besides the fact that your company now has instant credibility, you also have a "Showcase" for all of your products and services. The internet can be a valuable marketing tool for your company. Think about the days when fax machines were just coming into the business community. Many businessmen were dismissing the idea that a fax machine could help them be more productive, sell more products or even take the place of regular mail. We cringe when we think of what ever happened to those companies. Sometimes it is not how much business you can gain from the internet, it's how many customers do you stand to lose because they saw the same product or service displayed on a competitors site. Let us give you an example:

A potential new customer comes into your establishment and has many questions about your product. You take the time (time is money) and sit down to consult them. They are still undecided on the product or service. If you had a website you could tell them to check further into it, they can see the product or service you provide for themselves in the comfort of their own home and make a decision on whether to buy it or not. They may even check out your competitors to see if the product or service is less expensive or a different variety and quality. You may lose a new customer to a competitor just because they had better exposure and more convenience.

Consider the cost of advertising in local TV-Print-Media. If a ad campaign that you have instituted does not do well, it could cost your company more money just to re-submit the ad in other forms of advertising. The amount that you can spend is staggering. On the internet you can create a site that will show your products or service the way you want to, with no limitations. The only limitation you have is your imagination. There is no limit to the amount of updating you can do to your site. The internet is "Real-Time", and will display your updates as soon as you upload your files to your server.

What is a domain name?

Now we get into the "nuts & bolts" of a website. A domain name is the "Address" at which you're located on the internet. Most domain names are www.yourcompany.com but some names end with different extensions. For example you may see a .org extension, this means that a site is an organization. A .com is the most widely used extension because it means a commercial site. A .gov extension is reserved for government applications, and so on. Now that most companies are securing their own domain names, different extensions to the domain name are being utilized more and more. Examples of these would be .net, .edu, .tv, .cc and so on.

To find an address in the internet, all a person would have to do is type that address into a web-browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL). They would be instantly taken to the appropriate site. These addresses are regulated by Internic. In order to get your own name it would have to be registered by this governing body of the internet. There is no limit to how many domain names you can own. Some people build homepages through a free service which would give their address a look like this: www.aol.members.com/joesmith/myweb/index.html. This address can be confusing for your customers. Domain names in general are the heart and soul of your website. A good domain name could mean the difference between attracting new customers or not.

What is a search engine and how do they work?

Basically there are 2 different types of search engines. First there are "Spider" search engines such as Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos, Infoseek, HotBot, etc. These search engines will spider a site (search through the entire site) and look for the keywords to complete a search. This means that a site must be structured correctly for a person to find you when they are searching for a specific item or service. The other type of search engine is a "Category" type such as Yahoo, Looksmart, NBCi. These search engines will place you in a category but will also check for individual pages that match content of a search. Again, your page will need to be properly set-up so that potential customers can find you.

Search engines are strange animals, we at Valley Wide recommend either Google or Yahoo. These particular search engines seem to bring the best searches. There are so many new engines coming online everyday, just keep trying new ones until you find one that you like the best. How many times have you done a search for "Electronics" and get results pouring in about the weather in China? Valley Wide Websites understands the frustration this can bring, we also understand how these search engines can be made to work for you.

What are Web Browsers and how do they work?

A web browser is the actual viewing tool that is used to view ANY internet site. They are very different in many ways. The most popular ones are Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. Thesedifferent browsers view pages very differently. What may be seen by IE may not be viewed the same in Chrome and may even show up differently in Safari. Your pages should be compatible with all browsers. There are also different versions of the same browser. For example, Internet Explorer 9 will react differently than version 8.0 and so on. You should always have the newest version of a browser. Valley Wide Websites designs all of their sites with these facts in mind. Cross compatibility of the different browsers are always a top priority to us.

How does E-Mail work?

Ahhh, E-Mail. One of the most exciting things about the internet is E-Mail. You can INSTANTLY send a type written message, a picture or file to anywhere on the planet in seconds. If you are using AOL, your e-mail address would be your screen name plus an "@AOL.com" at the end. If you have a domain name, your e-mail address would be anything you set it up to be. Example, if your name was Joe and your company domain name is www.abc.com you could set up an e-mail address to be joe@abc.com and let everyone e-mail you effortlessly. You can still have an account with AOL because you still need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to access your e-mail. You can simply have your e-mail forwarded to you AOL address. It's that simple! Valley Wide can custom configure your e-mail service for 1 or 1,000 users with the ability to retrieve any e-mail from any browser, anytime or anywhere. Alias' e-mails can make your company stand out amid your competitors. Ask us today for more information.

I have Gmail (Google eMail), can I get my mail there?

Yes. Valley Wide Websites can custom configure any e-mail account to be forwarded to any other account. The easiest way to get your e-mail is through a e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) that will automatically check for new messages. If you prefer, you can keep on using Gmail (Google eMail).

What is an ISP?

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that can connect you to the internet. Companies such as Cox Cable, Verizon, Comcast, NetZero, and Qwest are just a few examples. You need an ISP to connect. The price of an ISP will vary greatly depending on the service they provide.

How much faster is a cable or DSL connection?

Broadband is here to stay! 56K modems are becoming more and more obsolete thanks to the new generation of ISP's. Cable and DSL can be as much as 10 times faster than a 56k modem. Anyone who enjoys surfing the internet can attest to the benefits of High-Speed access. Websites that are more dynamic and entertaining are popping up all over the web. High speed access providers are becoming less expensive everyday and the demands of the new web are feeding the frenzy. If you have high speed connectivity in your area, you should look into this further.

What is a server?

A server is a location that stores your "Files", so that when other people access your site, they can view your pages. Most servers charge a pre-determined rate for the amount of storage you need. Without a server, you cannot receive e-mails or have a website. A good reliable server is essential for your website. If you intend to have people view your site, the server must be capable of handling all the requests in a timely manner. If a server goes "Down", people have no access and consequently, you are out of business. Valley Wide Websites, a Phoenix based company, offers affordable server plans integrated within all of our project pricing. For more information, contact us today.

Business Website Questions

How many pages can I put on?

Simple answer.

As many as you may want or need. There is no limit to the amount of pages that can be put on the internet. The only thing to remember is that if you have a budget, it may be a good idea to consolidate your pages to maximize the exposure you desire.

How do I set-up my pages?

The set-up of your pages are consulted on a individual basis. Valley Wide Websites has always been a design company that believes each website should have it's own characteristics, flow and personality. After a consultation with us, we will recommend what type of set-up you should choose.

Who maintains my internet site?

You can either maintain your site by yourself or have Valley Wide Websites do it all for you. Some people enjoy the challenge of administering their own site. You can take care of your site yourself, but you will need to get training. Valley Wide offers this type of training. We have several different plans to help you keep your site looking "Fresh". For more information, E-Mail us or use our simple "Request Info" page.

Do I need to be online daily?

NO, unless you want to be. We do encourage all of our clientele to get involved. The more involved you are with your site, the better it will suit your needs.

How many pages do I need?

This is very difficult to judge. You would definitely need to consult us and see how your pages should be structured in order to get the maximum amount of exposure that fits into your budget.E-Mail us or use click the "Request Info" button to schedule your free consultation today!

What constitutes a page?

Everyone has a different concept of this question. We believe a well structured page should be one that loads onto a visitor's computer in less than 30 seconds. How many times have you gone into a website that seems to take forever to load (and then leave without viewing it's contents). The speed of a downloading page varies because of the speed of different modems. If the viewer is using a 28.8kbps modem, his download time will be much longer than a person using a 56k modem. The best case scenario is a person using a cable modem which is up to 10X faster than 56k. We judge all websites by 56kbps which seems to be benchmark of modem technology.

A page has different sections within it that manipulates the amount of time it takes to load. Text loads faster than images. A page just consisting of just text can load in any computer extremely fast. The more graphics, pictures and animations you put on a page, the slower it loads. Another new technology is Streaming Media, for an explanation about this subject, see our Streaming Media FAQ.

Quality vs. Quantity

We at Valley Wide believe that you should concentrate on a quality page. The reasons we believe this is simple:

  • It gives a better impression to the viewer.
  • It shows how much you pay attention to details.
  • It shows that you want to put your best foot forward.
  • It can make a small company seem like a large one.
  • It can "personalize" an impersonal situation.

Pages that are just "put together" and have no continuity are very hard to navigate through. This could lead to potential customers getting frustrated and leaving your site for a competitors.

What does Valley Wide Websites need from me?

Valley Wide needs to evaluate a few things before you begin to build your site. Some examples of what we may need are as follows:

  • Information on your company
  • Who is your primary customer
  • What your company intends to gain with the internet exposure
  • What is the timeframe for the intended unveiling
  • The budget you are working with

All of these questions and more will be answered in the initial free consultation between you and Valley Wide Websites. We can make arrangements to come to your office at no charge and identify what your needs are and how you can achieve your goals.

What is a banner link?

Valley Wide Websites has always believed that a banner link is one of the most important design features you can get with your site. A visibly attractive banner can attract many viewers to your site. in every project Valley Wide undertakes, a banner for linking purposes is always included free of charge.

Media Questions

I have a company logo, can you use it?

One Word...


Valley Wide Designers do not "borrow" any graphics from other sites and implement them into yours. They do not use "templates" for new sites. Every site that is built by Valley Wide reflects the individual business it represents along with a personality of it's own. Just view some of our client sites on our portfolio page and see for yourself. The cost of not being original, outweighs the cost of doing something different over the long term.

I have a company logo, can you use it?

Yes. Valley Wide Websites can incorporate any images, logos, pictures that you may already own into your site. As a matter of fact, we encourage the use of all these items.

I want my site to be interactive, how can we do this?

Interactivity of a site can be accomplished through all sorts of ways. HTML 5, JavaScript, J-Query, Easy Navigation, Streaming Media, Creative Design are just some of the specialties Valley Wide excels in. We are proud to be leaders and are not afraid to tackle new challenges. Some of our sites have won many different kinds of awards for interactivity, ease of use, design and content. See for yourself, visit our Portfolio Page.

What is streaming media?

Streaming Media is the ability to send images from the server to a browser while a customer is already viewing a section. Simply put, it means that a browser does not have to download an entire presentation before viewing it. It now means that while a presentation is downloading in the background, the viewer is not staring at a blank screen.

Do I have to give a complete website layout?

No. We understand that you are not a web designer and we are. We will take your ideas and vision and make it a reality. We are experts in taking notes and observing your business needs and designing a site. It is not uncommon for a client not to know what to do, but Valley Wide has always managed to somehow make it happen. Give us a try.

Can I create a mailing list?

Yes. A mailing list can always be set up so you can easily send out numerous e-mails to the people that want it the most. All a person would have to do is subscribe with just a few keystrokes. Valley Wide can even design the e-mail so the person can un-subscribe anytime.

eCommerce (Shopping Cart) Questions

What is an eCommerce site?

An eCommerce site is a site that sells either products or services over the internet. This definition is broad, and could mean that ALL sites are eCommerce sites. We feel that eCommerce sites do not not necessarily have to be isles and thousands of products and services, it could be as simple as a showcase site that displays your products and or services and gives a phone number to call. As long as you are conducting business on the web, you qualify as an eCommerce site. There are many different ways to show or sell your products and or services, not all of them have to include a budget that will surely bankrupt you. Examples of simple showcase sites can be found on our Clients Page.

Do I need a shopping cart?

A shopping cart site is a more complex type of site. It utilizes a database to operate, and can be very intimidating and challenging to design. Valley Wide's programmers are database experts and can maximize all the features that database interactivity can offer. Whether it's a simple e-mail list or a full service retail operation with thousands of products, we can help. Since many shopping cart/ database sites require extensive coding which can take several weeks to months before a final product is produced, a consultation with a valley Wide representative should be your first step. Not all shopping cart sites are the same and the cost varies depending on features. You can view some successful shopping cart sites on our Portfolio Page.

How many items can I list or display?

There is no limit to the amount of products you can list. Every shopping cart site that we build can accept an unlimited amount of products.

Can I maintain my shopping cart myself?

Yes. Valley Wide Websites designs our shopping carts with you in mind. We make it easy to update pricing, add products, delete products, edit products, upload pictures and even view all your orders in a searchable format from your own computer. Not only does this make all your storefront editing easy, it also enables you to keep design and input costs down by allowing you to do some of the work.

What is a gateway on a shopping cart site?

A gateway is a service that a shopping cart can send customer information to for processing of credit card and payment. Valley Wide Websites has already designed shopping cart sites that integrate with major gateways such as Authorize.Net, Cybercash and more.

Who processes my credit card orders?

You can process your credit card orders in house with your present form of transaction service or you can access a gateway and they will do it for you. Details of each service vary and will be discussed by a Valley Wide Websites representative during a consultation.

What is a database, and what kind will I need?

A database will allow your site to access information from a remote location and display the results onto a web page when asked by the viewer. In simpler words, it means that a user of your site can ask for information and get it customized to what they want to see. Database sites are usually easy to navigate through and makes the time spent on your site more productive for the end user.

How do I get pictures of my products?

You can either take pictures of your products, scan in the products or have Valley Wide's on staff Photographer take the pictures for you. We can do it all for you, effortlessly and affordably. You tell us what services you need and let Valley Wide Websites do the rest.

Do my customers get a confirmation e-mail?

Yes. All shopping cart sites are designed for you. What this means, is that, we try to automate everything in the sales or purchases of your products. We understand that your time is better spent running your business, rather than answering countless e-mails with the same questions over and over. There is no substitute for a well designed site that does almost everything for you. Just ask our customers that are selling more products than ever before without all the headaches.

Can I e-mail all my customers at once?

Yes. If you ask Valley Wide to integrate a e-mail database. It's simple, one click and thousands of e-mails go to there respected recipients.

I want to build a site just like Amazon.com, can you do it?

Sure, but realize that sites like Amazon.com took the cooperation of thousands of people and years to build. If you have the time, energy and resources, Valley Wide Websites can do it (we just have to clear our schedule for a while).

Print/ Graphic Design Questions

What kind of print media does Valley Wide handle?

Valley Wide can custom design any type of print job including trifolds, business cards, newspaper/magazine ads, postcards, product identification and much more. Our professional graphic designers are always ready to take on new work and take our clients products to the next level.

Does Valley Wide only handle the design portion of my print job or also print?

Valley Wide can go to press with any print job we design.

Do I have to supply the pictures or does Valley Wide already have the stock photography?

Either way is fine. You can take high quality photos (or we can take them) or Valley Wide Websites has access to thousands of high resolution stock photography.

Am I required to order a minimum amount of printing?

Sometimes it's not worth it to order small quantities. A minimum order may be cost effective depending on the project.

I run a AZ Central ad, can Valley Wide custom design my ad?

Absolutely, Valley Wide works closely with many different print organizations and can also supply the electronic file for the web.

I have some pictures taken with my digital camera, can I use them in my ad?

Because high resolution images are needed for print design, certain digital cameras cannot take pictures at the proper resolution needed. Valley Wide will advise on a case to case basis.

I need Valley Wide to design my print project, how soon before I get the finished product?

Turnaround times vary depending on print project. The times can be from a few days to a few weeks.

How does Valley Wide assure me of quality control?

Once a project has been approved, Valley Wide guarantees 100% accuracy from proof to final.

What is the cost to have Z2 Media design my print job?

All projects vary, please consult us for actual price.