Valley Wide Websites created bilingual website for LUDA, prior to their Telemundo TV premier. The company has the ability to update, manage, and amend their website in either Spanish or English and then easily translate with the touch of a button.
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Search Engine Optimization

Knowing which element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to focus on is difficult sometimes. Many companies choose to focus on specific goals they think will be the most effective, but end up being mistaken.


Ranking remains the most popular goal for many businesses. Most of the time a company wants to rank highest when specific terms are searched. Usually something like this will increase a company's sales by about 10 percent, and many businesses would think that a good thing.

Instead, what if you could put the same amount of effort into SEO and increase sales to 25 percent? We at Valley Wide know what it takes to bring more relevant traffic to your site, not just how to increase your rankings for a few simple keywords. While we know very well the advantages of being number one in a search, we know that it takes more than just that to make the most of your investment in an effective SEO strategy.


Increasing traffic is another popular goal when it comes to SEO. Most firms will try to convince you to buy traffic. For example, many SEO firms will suggest the idea of purchasing banner ads on other, irrelevant websites.

Another popular selling technique SEO firms will use is cost per link. This method involves a firm getting paid a few thousand dollars per month for the total number of links. The problem with this method is that the hired firm will often provide as many links as possible to make the cost per link lower, making the client feel like they're getting a better deal, but when it comes to links quality is certainly better than quantity.

Valley Wide not only increases traffic, but we increase RELEVANT traffic. We do everything possible to bring people to your site who are actually interested in and looking for your product or service so that your company can experience a higher rate of sales to visits.

For the most complete and effective SEO strategy you can find in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa, click here!